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#1 Roofing Company in Lexington SC

Finding reliable Lexington roofing contractors can be a real challenge, especially if you’ve never gone through the process beforehand. Luckily, Vista Roofing Inc. is here to take your worries away with our wide array of residential and commercial roofing services.

We pride ourselves as one of the roofing companies that offer high-quality roofing services at competitive prices. Our work speaks for itself, as we have the experience to do an amazing roofing job every time!

Scroll to see what roofing services we offer and what makes us top roofing contractors in Lexington, SC!

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Services Offered by Our Lexington Roofing Contractors

Vista Roofing Inc. specializes in various roofing services, including roof repairs, installation, and replacement. Our roofing business offers many roofing materials, and our contractors can advise you on the best course of action regarding your roofing and the choice of roofing material.

We would never want anyone in Lexington to fall into the hands of someone without experience. You should always go with a company with the expertise to do fantastic roofing services. That being said, we offer the following roofing services:

Owning a home has many perks but also downsides, such as roof maintenance. Having a solid roof that protects your home is one of the principal things you can invest in, as it prevents your home from wind and water damage.

Our roofing contractors want to help you protect your most cherished property – your family home. We also want you to have the best experience possible with our contractors hanging around fixing your roof or installing a new roof.

Our contractors won’t leave a mess and leave you cleaning up for days – everything will be done quickly to get you back to your life!

Damage to your roofing can extend to your house and make the repair costs very expensive. A much-needed roof repair that is left ignored will become a roof replacement and cost much more.

Whatever the damage, our roofing contractors can fix your premier roofing every time. We have the experience and the tools to repair anything that needs to be done.

We also use materials of the highest quality to ensure that our roofing work is there for years to come.

Maintenance is one of the important things if you want to have strong future roofing in South Carolina. Having a reliable contractor check for roof leaks and whether your new roof is still performing well is money-saving in the long run.

Ensuring that your roof is still in tip-top shape is important because it ensures that the roofing material is still good. Maintenance is also a good idea after a heavy storm, so give us a call if your area recently suffered some storms.

A roof inspection is not the main thing we are called about, but we can perform a good roof inspection when called. No matter why you need a roof inspection – because you are selling your home or wish to make an insurance claim- we can help you.

Even if you have never been our client before, you can give us a call to check out your roof without the obligation to have any work done with us. Let us help, and we’ll see how it goes!

Commercial Roofing

Among other roofing services, we also offer repairs, replacement, and roof installation for commercial buildings. If you have a commercial building and need flat roofing installation, we can help you out!

Our contractors are fully experienced in installing flat roofing, meaning we can schedule regular maintenance and help you keep your roofing in good shape. Nobody wants to experience tenants or office workers complaining about poor roof installation – which is why we issue guarantees for our roof work.

Many people do not realize how important gutters are for the safety of your home or commercial buildings. Most of the time, storm damage can be avoided with decent gutters.

When water sits on your roof for a long time, it can do much more than damage your roof – it can damage the structure of your property. The same thing is with clogged gutters – as water cannot pass through them, it can pour over the walls and damage the integrity of your house.

Our contractors know very well what a good gutter system is made of, and we even offer seamless gutters for customers. Seamless gutters don’t clash with your home, yet they do a fantastic job of keeping your home safe and dry, even during a storm.

We also offer gutter inspection and repair to ensure that your gutter system is always working well!

Siding may not be the prettiest part of your family home, but it’s something your home cannot go without. Good siding ensures that your home stands well for the next few decades without any damage.

If you are currently building your new house or want to renovate the existing one in Lexington, SC, our local pros can help you get the job done quickly. Our locally-owned roofing company does an excellent job every time!

We offer various siding types, including wood and vinyl siding, and we even offer repairs at a great price.

No matter what you need, our contractors will sit down with you and discuss a new roof or an entire roof replacement – whatever it is. If you need a siding contractor, it can be good to know that we offer siding work, too.

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    Materials Our Roofing Contractors Use

    Picking out the right roof material for your home can be daunting, which is the reason why our roofing contractors offer their expert advice. We can recommend the right material that suits your home aesthetically and budget-wise.

    So, we offer the following roofing materials:

    Asphalt shingles are the go-to roofing choice for most people in South Carolina. This material is very durable and affordable, making it a good choice for your home.

    Asphalt shingles can also be repaired quickly; even the existing ones can sometimes be repaired due to storm damage. Our building contractors can immediately repair the damage, which is why we advise many of our clients to use this type of roofing.

    Another reason asphalt shingles are one of the most popular suggestions is that they come in many colors, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your style.

    White Membrane Roofing

    Membrane roofing is a good choice for South Carolina, as it will allow your house to remain cool during the summer. Lexington, SC, gets a lot of hot summer days, making white membrane a perfect solution.

    The white membrane is fairly easy to install too, so you can expect the roof installation to take no more than a couple of days. Our Lexington roofers provide quality work and professionally treat our customers to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

    Membrane roofing has been around for a while for commercial roofing, but now it’s a popular option for residential roofing in Lexington, SC. Ask our roofing contractor for more information, or contact our great customer service!

    Among other materials, we also offer metal roofing for our Lexington, SC, customers. Metal roofing is a great option for homes with steep pitches or flat roofing.

    The best thing about it is the fact that it reflects UV rays rather well, making your home cooler during the summer months. Metal roofing may be a larger investment, but it does result in lower energy bills, making it a material to consider for your roof replacement.

    With so many different options, deciding what works best for you can be difficult. That is why our roofing contractors can advise you on the best roofing for your home.

    Additionally, our team of skilled roofing contractors specializes in metal roof repair for our Lexington, SC, customers.

    We will help you choose the best material for your roof!

    At Vista Roofing Inc., we take every roofing job seriously and take our time talking to our customers. We can walk you through all of the steps and give answers to all of your questions to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    We can tell you who we are and what we do all day, but the best insight comes from real customers’ reviews. After all, reviews don’t lie. Here’s what some of our customer reviews have to say about our contractor services and why we’re their preferred contractor.

    Ashleigh Anne McKinney
    Ashleigh Anne McKinney
    Cody was excellent to work with! Extremely knowledgeable, answered all of my questions in a prompt manner, and handled all aspects of the project with the utmost professionalism. Very impressed with all the photos and videos that went along with a detailed, easy ti read report. Would not use anyone else!
    Adam Hart
    Adam Hart
    Ben and his team have always helped any time in need. New roof, repair, etc it’s been an easy process. Professional guys and knowledgeable
    H Myers
    H Myers
    After calling Vista for an estimate, Ben Stiles came to our home and gave us a detailed estimate and explained everything. This guy is an asset to Vista and his personality and knowledge was superb. From Ben, to the roofers, everyone did a fantastic job and we could not be more pleased. Anyone needing a roof or repairs, call Vista Roofing! You will not be disappointed!
    Kana Williams
    Kana Williams
    They did an excellent job on my fascia board and installing my gutters on my house! Kept me updated all the way through the process! I would highly recommend vista roofing!
    Melanie Brunson
    Melanie Brunson
    I have had the absolute BEST experience with Vista Roofing. I was looking for a roofing company at 9:30pm and did their online quote. Within a couple minutes I had a very accurate quote and a text from a real person letting me know they were available if I had any questions. Which i did, and i didn't expect an answer at 10pm, but they responded within minutes. Then they came out to my house when I was available, showed me the current state of my roof, gave me great advice on how to proceed, showed me their products, and gave me their cell phone number if I had any questions. The process took longer than I would've liked, but it wasn't Vista Roofings fault. They were always on top of everything, extremely knowledgeable about self pay and insurance claims, and they delivered a top notch product. Once we got the finances out of the way, they had everything ordered within a week and they got 2 roofs finished in one day. I also got 3 quotes from other roofing companies in Sumter. The competitions products were 30yr vs 50yr shingles, the service from the other 3 companies was like I was an inconvenience to them or they'd tell me that I didn't need to be home for them to do a quote but they'd make an appointment time, I'd show up 30 minutes early, and they didn't show. The price was cheaper for the other 3 quotes I got, but so was the product, the customer service, and the professionalism. For the price difference, to get an extra 20 years out of my roof, was a no brainer. Not to mention, Cody was always available to answer my questions (no matter the time of day)and never made me feel like I was annoying him or was a burden in anyway. These people at Vista Roofing know how to run a customer service based business to a "T". My advice is to stop stressing out over who you're going to get to do your roof and call Vista Roofing. You will NOT be disappointed with their product or service!
    Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold
    Ben came out and got our roof repaired quickly and efficiently. I will be happy to recommend them to others and to use them again when needed.
    Eleanor Boyd
    Eleanor Boyd
    Great customer service- reliable and they did a great job on the roof.
    Philip English
    Philip English
    On site supervision of crew and staying in contact with me about work and inventory of materials. Highly recommend to anyone needing roofing work. Also they were excellent with siding repairs. Highly recommend VISTA ROOFING.

    We Provide Help with Insurance Company Claims

    Battling insurance companies can be a real hassle, especially if this is your first time making a claim. We know how time-consuming it can be, which is why we help our customers make a claim.

    We are fully devoted to getting you the coverage you need for the repairs or roof replacement, which is why we can perform a full inspection and take pictures to include in your claim. Our roofing contractors can be there for you through the entire process.

    Our goal is to make our customers fully satisfied – and we want to do that by ensuring you’re not alone in making an insurance claim. Some roofing companies are only there for the money, but our South Carolina roofing professionals can help you every time!

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    Our Work Comes with Guarantees

    People can be wary when they work with new roofers, and we understand why. Nobody wants to splurge on a new roof only to discover something wrong with the installation or the roof materials.

    That is why our company, Vista Roofing Inc., issues guarantees for all the work our roofers do to give you peace of mind. Also, all the materials we use to fix your roof come with warranties, so if the material proves to be less than perfect, you will not be left stranded.

    If you are looking to find out more about the warranties and guarantees, give our roofing company a call today!

    Do You Need Roofing Contractors?

    Sometimes, you might look at your roof and think it needs some work. However, you can’t be entirely sure without a thorough inspection by a contractor you trust.

    If that happens, we advise you to call us at Vista Roofing in Lexington, SC!

    If your town or city suffered a serious storm recently, we advise you to schedule an inspection and check out the state of your roof as soon as possible. Most of the damage cannot be seen by the naked eye, but our roofing contractors in Lexington have the expertise and experience to tell you whether your roof needs work.

    That said, if your roof is decades old or has a couple of missing shingles, we strongly recommend having your roof checked out and repaired as soon as possible. Damage can extend quickly and require your roof to be removed and installed again.

    The installation can cost a lot more than a simple repair, which is why you should hire us immediately when you see some damage. Our roofers can come by the same day and see if there are any missing shingles or if the state of the existing shingles is sub-par. We handle everything in a professional manner and we do the job quickly to let you get back to your daily life.

    So, if your roof is leaky, that is usually a sign that the damage has extended further. Leaks in your home require an emergency visit, as they can damage your home’s structure and your furniture and expensive flooring.

    Call Vista Roofing Contractors in Lexington, SC, Today!

    Whether you need a roof repair or you are looking for a full roof replacement, Vista Roofing Inc. can help you get exactly what you need. If you are curious about a metal roof or white membrane, our experienced roofers can advise you on the option that works best for your budget – while maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

    If you have a commercial building, it’s good to know that we specialize in commercial roofing, too – and you can sit back knowing that your roof is in good hands. So, if you need some help with the roof installation – check us out!

    Contact us today for a free estimate and more information about our roofing services.

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